Thursday, November 09, 2006


Acta (11) Religion freedom

This is purely my own opinion:
The act(11):

This country is deemed to be Islamic country although this clause not in the Bill. We acknowledged that, 60% of the population is muslim/islam. Thus, official religion, "Islam" was enacted. This was consented by our forefather, the Malaysia founder.

Now what is happening out there? A lot of hiccup in regard to the "conversion" from one religion to other. But it seems, it is just a family problem if there is no muslim in the picture. If it's involved muslim converting to other religion, it will become a country crime/problem. Well, we non-muslim, by conscious cant accept that, as this is trully contradict the Act(11).

Well, dear reader, Don't forget that, Malaysia has Syaria court to govern the muslim faith. If we question them why a muslim cant convert, we will face the massive wrath of the whole malysian muslim.

My opinion is that, to those muslim who intended to convert to any religion. Please do it silent. Dont go and tell the whole world that, you want to convert.. You are in Malaysia remember? Malaysia is an Islamic country. Like Lina Joy, i respect you cause. You are trully brave and I am sure God gave you the strength. But my concern is, your act of going public has casted a black cloud on the minority Christian.

See what happen in Ipoh Perak!!!! Can we afford to see a backlash between two different religion? do you want to see a shattered unity among the races? Only fool want to see that.

I have extreme opinion for those organisations questioning the Act(11). I am sorry if i offend them. Dont question the Act(11). You are doing more damage to the degrading "mutual trust" among races and religion. If you are not satisfy with Syaria court, then "leave Malaysia" and go to Christian country.

Once again, this is purely my opinion........

Monday, May 15, 2006


The Sabahan Artist

After a years dominated by the penisular artists, now, the sabahan and Sarawakian is climbing to the same to the scene...

We should give them support. If we cant attend their concerts or shows, at least, dont speak against them. Just keep silence.

Hidup Nikki.....! Hidup Felix, Hidup Adam... dimana Linda nanuwil....?


My intention is noble on KDCA..but

Dear Fren,

Somebody has told me.. the flemengo hotel is asking for payment on the burnt carpet (during the harvest festival (KDCA)...... what is shocking was, it happened at the round table....! at the front!. There is no complain of burnt carpet at the loby or at the reception counter. I forward this messege to a KDCA's strong man. He said, I might be ended up blacklisted for spreading rumors......... I am KDCA, all the blames will befall onto me if there is bad news from corporate community........

Sunday, May 14, 2006


The purpose of this Blog

I have just created this page.... the main goal is to convey whatever come to my thought. It is not mean to be read by other. But if you insist, please do not be offended. This is purely for me alone and to those who share the same thought.....


Why this 1001 question

There is a lot of question on why people leave the church....


Why this 1001 question

There is a lot of question on why people leave the church....


The introduction

Here is what we call, community. There is no term Community without interaction. Here we start......

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